Health & Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee brings forward work-related issues to the Health & Safety Rep as a voice for members to communicate issues arising when no resolutions seem to be forthcoming.

Return to Work (RTW) Committee

Return to Work Committee and the Health & Safety Committee will be one committee. It will be six (6) members elected by the membership. This committee will be led by the H&S and WSIB Representatives, along with two (2) Representatives from Elementary, one (1) Representative from Secondary, and one (1) Representative from the Board Office. This committee will meet monthly and a chair will be elected from within.

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee will send correspondence to someone who is ill or has been off more than a week to express the Local’s concerns. Members may contact this committee to let them know if someone from their school is away.

Education Committee

The Education Committee will report at the beginning of the year those Educations being presented by District Council in order to further our members’ education of workplace knowledge.

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee will consist of the Chief Steward and Classification Stewards. All grievances shall be brought before the committee on the appropriate forms for discussion. All grievances leading to Arbitration shall be brought before the committee and then to the General Membership for consideration.